10 Reasons Why Hairstyling is a Good Career Choice

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Do you think hairstyling is not a real job? Do you think you can’t make a career out of being a hairstylist? Think again, why are there so many hair salons everywhere you go? Why you often meet hairstylists who spend decades in the same industry? Maybe you are unsure? Or perhaps you need more reasons to convince your parents’ hairstyling is an awesome career choice? Here we put together ten reasons to clear your doubts.

Hairstyling is a Recession-Proved Career

In good times, consumers have more extra money to splurge on beauty, and that includes hair. In bad times, there are more reasons to look good since there will be a lot more job hunters out there going from interviews to interviews.

As long as you keep up with your training and education, make yourself relevant to current trends, and are dedicated to serving and making your clients look good. You are guaranteed a job for the rest of your life.

There are Plenty of Money to be Made

Not convinced? At the Singapore Perspectives 2018 conference, Mr. Ravi Menon, managing director of MAS, said “Hairdressers in Singapore are doing amazingly well.” Quote from The Straits Times.

Of course, the beginning is always the hardest, especially so, when you are learning a new skill. Even after spending the time and money in hairdressing school, you will not be 100% ready to stand behind the chair. So, be more far-sighted, start your career as an assistant and find a good salon/boss that support your career advancement.

Never stop learning, never stop being curious, and you will be assured growth in your income.

Opportunities to Travel Around the World

Hairstyling is one job that we can literally work anywhere in the world. From competition, to trade fairs & shows, to conferences, to training and events. There is always something going on somewhere in the globe. More than seeing the world, you also get the chance to learn more about hairstyling culture, get to network and learn from other hairstylist and see the latest trend.

If you are willing to invest in yourself and your career, your learning journey will never end. If you are starting and do not have extra cash to spare, you can always approach product companies to find out their events calendar. They often organize international shows, training, and events.

Don’t be shy to ask. Brands might happen to be looking for freelance educators who are willing to travel. Even if that opportunity wasn’t available at that time, they might be able to offer you shows or event tickets.

This is how the way the world works. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, simple as that. However, be mentally prepared that NO can be an answer. But at the very least, you established the initial contact, and you might be pleasantly surprised at a later time.

An abundance of Opportunities to Shine

There are countless competitions in the industry, both locally and internationally, to help us make a name for ourselves. Of course, winning is the end goal, but it is also important to enjoy, learn from the process, and don’t stop trying.

When you finally won those prizes and people know who you are. Opportunities to do photoshoots, stage work, or to be an ambassador/educator for a brand are plentiful and often come with the win.

Hairstyling-One of the Happiest & Fulfilling Career in the World

According to Psychologist Barry Schwartz, hairstyling is one of the most satisfying job and it is the same satisfaction that makes us happy.

Some key factors include; job satisfaction, creative outlet, and using our skills every day.

Our job gives us instant gratification on an almost daily basis. How lucky is that?

Clients come in with the desire to look better, and when they walk out of our doors, they not only look better but feel better too. As well, they share their life and intimate details with us; we become their confidantes; that rarely happens in other jobs.

Freedom & Work-Life Balance

Freelancing is getting bigger in hairstyling, and there are lots of different roles within the freelance world. You could work as an on-call stylist, in a salon renting a chair or as a session stylist working on shows and shoots. There is no denying it’s hard work, but if you want to be your own boss, hairdressing certainly offers a flexible take on the usual 9-5.

Every Day is Not the Same

Ever heard people complain about the drag of a mundane job? This is a problem we will never face. Different clients come in with different expectations and desires. Each client in the chair presents a new challenge to us every day. So, it is accurate to say that no day’s the same.

Meeting People From All Walks of Life

Hairstyling is one of the most sociable jobs in the world. We spend all day meeting different people; this experience allows us to learn so much about various cultures, perspectives, ideas, knowledge, and so much more.

Interpersonal skills

From being our clients’ therapist, customer service to time management, and balancing our finances, working as a hairstylist teaches us a wide range of skills for us to take on the world. Many such skills are essential to make us a super hairstylist, and they are also excellent life skills to possess, making us better and more rounded individuals.

Good Employers are Willing to Invest in Our Growth

Continuous education is a must at every stage of our career. Good employers are willing to invest in our growth. From in-salon training to small training classes and international education events, keeping ourselves up to date with trends makes us more appealing to clients, therefore a more valuable employee.

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