3 Benefits of Collecting Client’s Information

collecting client data

One of the best ways to collect client’s data is through survey form.  These pieces of information are crucial data that guide business owners in making better business decisions. These data allow you to analyze your client’s needs, client’s behaviour, and to attract more potential clients. A less intrusive way to invite clients to fill up the survey form is while their chemical services are processing, and while they are waiting for the bill.

Understanding What Your Clients Want

Listen to your clients, their opinion matters! You can start by asking a relevant question like their favourite beauty products or services they experienced from other businesses. You can use this data to understand what are the latest products or services and offer the same to your clients.

Understanding What Clients Think About Your Business

This is an excellent way to strengthen your relationship with your clients. Allowing them the option to stay anonymous can encourage honest & real feedback. It may sting a little, but it is necessary for the health of your business and learn where you can re-evaluate and find room for improvement.

Allowing Your Business to Create Targeted & Relevant Marketing Campaigns

Numbers don’t lie, study the demographics of your customer. Are there more male or female? Are they baby boomers or millennials? Is your business close to their office or home? When is their birthday? All this information can help you to design more targeted and relevant marketing campaigns. Remember, clients don’t like to be sold, but they like to buy.

You can adapt the traditional pen, paper, and spreadsheet way of collecting data or you can invest in a business management system. There are no right or wrong answers. However, our opinion is, if you are serious about growing your business, a good management system is essential to help you do just that.

This article is contributed by WESS Singapore.

Next article we will dive deeper into this conversation. The crucial question to ask is “How much data collecting is too much?” The last thing any salon owners want is to put our client’s off by making them feel like we are poking too much into their privacy. Stay tune!