3 Reasons Why You Should Start from a Salon Assistant

Student learning blow-drying in beauty school

Building Strong Set of Work Ethic

Assisting allows you to learn in a real working environment, the best way to establish the foundation for your career and instilling a strong work ethic.
To success in this industry intensive early training and vast amounts of continuing education are crucial.
Many great hairdressers spent a fair amount of time assisting in their early career, so instead of complaining about the hard work or demonstrating a less than positive attitude about helping, buckle up, and get ready to start paying your dues. The success of your career is counting on it!

Opportunity for Up-close & Personal Learning

I very much appreciate my stint as an assistant. That was the only one time in my career that I had the chance to be other hairdresser’s shadow- the best distance to learn their skills and working styles. Bear in mind that you are not merely learning what to do but also what not to do.

Even when you do not entirely agree with some working styles, always respect those who teach you, especially when they are not made to do so. The best piece of advice I received from Ms. Linda Khew (founder of Kimarie Hair & Beauty Training School) was “when a hairdresser teaches you something. They are putting money into your pocket.” Your skills are your money-making tools.

Mistakes are Very Expensive for Stylist & Salon

In our highly competitive industry, we cannot afford to take a non-calculated risk with you on our clients. Once a client is gone, they are usually gone forever. So, until you demonstrate the right attitude, earn our trust, prove your diligence and the ability to become a team player, your scissor remain in the drawer.

Once you prove yourself, a good mentor will gradually assign you with a more hands-on task. This is a very precious and valuable trust that you’ve earned because when you make a mistake, your mentor has to bear the responsibility and risk of losing a client.

When the going gets tough, remind yourself that when you make a mistake, someone else will be paying for it. So, of course, high standards are set, and the stylist will expect the best attitude and effort from you. Good luck!