4 Red flags to Look Out for During an Interviewing

stop, red flags

First impressions matter, so insignificant behaviour, even at the early stage, raise a red flag for me. Trust your instinct of those behaviours; often it’s your intuition telling you who is or isn’t the right fit for your hair salon.


Not being on time means not respecting the time of the other person who is waiting for you. However, there is always an exceptional case. Personally, I will give them a chance to explain themselves, but the explanation better is a good one.


I don’t think anyone can overdress for an interview, but they definitely can be underdressed. Also, if they want to be taken seriously, I will appreciate them looking the part and dress to impress.


This is less visual to tell so asking open-ended questions, can help us to draw out more information from them. When they are lost in the process of storytelling, this gives us a chance to see what they are sincerely passionate about, provides insight into their real personality.


Again asking questions will help us with this. A good question will be, “Have you visited our company’s website?” If they don’t, they are most likely just looking for a “job,” not a “career.” If they are sincerely interested in the position, they should know some background about the salon and have some information about the job for which they’re applying.

When we hire the wrong person, he or she has almost as much to lose as the salon. Learn how to spot the red flags to clear the way for the best fit. And you’ll be spending your time, money, and energy more productively and building a long term positive relationship with your employees to everyone’s success.