5 Good Questions to Ask Employer During a Job Interview

Ask the right questions

When you are not prepared, you risk having the interviewer thinking you aren’t interested. Your chance to ask questions usually comes at the end of the interview. Having at least 2 question is a good guideline to demonstrate your interest, your desire to excel and you have done your homework.

Good questions are focused and open-ended. Avoid yes or no questions. Below are five examples of good questions to ask.

What are My Day-to-day Responsibilities?

Knowing what to expect can help you to decide if this is a job you really want. You will also learn about which specific skills and strengths are needed.

What is Required From Me to Excel In This Role?

This will not only allow you to understand the skills set and level required. You will also find out what are the attitude that is expected from you.
Describe the Culture of The Company

This can help you learn about the company culture and expectations so you can decide if you are a good fit.

What is The Typical Career Path for Someone In This Role?

You will find out if the company give you space to grow. At the same time, you are expressing interest in growing with the company — A word of caution, try not to phrase in a self-serving manner like, When can I expect a raise and a promotion?
What are The Next Steps In The Interview Process?

This is probably the best question to ask after you have asked all your important questions. It indicate that you are done and are keen to move things forward and also have a clear picture of what are the time line.

Remember: Don’t ask about salary or benefits just yet until you are offered the Letter of Offer. Good luck!