6 Questions to Ask the Receptionist During a Job Interview

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The receptionist, our first point of Sales worrier, plays an essential part in determining the success of our business. They fill our appointment book, attend to phone calls, walk-in clients, and many other roles. Often, they are the first person to receive our client, so their ability to make the first impression is extremely important. Asking some right questions in a job interview can ensure that you choose the best candidate that most suit your salon’s culture.

What Are Your Working Background & Experiences?

Say you have two candidates, A and B. A’s last job was a receptionist in an office setting, she is likely to possess high proficiency with computers. If your salon is using Point-of-Sales and CRM system, she should be a fast learner of such technology. Candidate B was a door-bitch in a club; she must possess a certain degree of public relations skills. Both candidates are active in different skills, so we have to look at our salon’s culture and the client’s profile to decide who is a better fit.

Most people place too much emphasis on working experience, in my opinion. Although it is good to have the experience, there is a downside to it as well. Common problems are difficulty in changing and adapting to a new environment and culture and something stubbornness once their working skill is “fixed.” Of course, we need to find out their experience, but the point I am trying to make is we do not need to let this be the deal-breaker. And this brings us to the next point.

What is Your Work Ethic?

More important than experience is a good set of attitudes. Your receptionist should be dedicated, punctual, and reliable. Ask questions such as, “In your previous jobs, how often were you tardy and how often did you call in sick?,” “Would you consider yourself a punctual person?” and “What was your last employer’s policy for calling in sick or being late?” Allowing us to explain our salon’s policies.

Can You Work Under Stressful Situations?

As we all know, during weekends and festive seasons, the pressure in the salon is HIGH. Layout to them what to expect and gauge their responses, especially their facial expression. Preparing them for the worse is being fair to them and also helping us to avoid situations like offending clients or quitting on us when we needed them the most.

What Are Your Career Goals?

“Are you working toward a career in hairstyling?” “Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?” “How long would you want to work with us?” “What do you think the work could offer you professionally?” Asking such questions demonstrates the fact that the career path is vital for your salon’s culture. Bear in mind that as much as we are interviewing them, they are doing job shopping and judging us at the same time.

What Are Your Strengths & Weaknesses?

Ask what they can bring to the table and what are the areas they feel like they can use some improvement. If any candidates think that there is no area of development, it will be our first red flag.

Salary Expectation?

Lastly, salary expectations. Especially for those shortlisted ones. The fact that we already shortlisted them, we do not want to make an offer that is unrealistic for them. One last thing to remember, as the saying goes, “When we pay peanuts, we get monkeys.”