What is Salon Now?

Salon Now, go above and beyond haircutting and colouring. Salon Now is about inspiring, sharing, and exchanging ideas. We are a platform for fellow colleagues to share your stories and showcasing your work. We interview experts both within and outside of the industry to share insider tips and secrets to success. We dive deep into challenges that we are facing as an industry, and most importantly, we discuss how we can evolve as an individual and business owner to keep up with the rapid technological changes around us and many other exciting topics.

A big shout out to everyone in the hair industry, let’s come together to be part of this innovative and exciting platform. What are you waiting for? Subscribe NOW and start defining and designing our success together as a community.

Who is Katherine Tan?

Chief Disruptor & Story Teller. After almost two decades in the hairdressing industry, Katherine’s latest project, Salon Now, is inspired by her love for learning, sharing, and passion in giving back to the industry. As Chief Disruptor of Salon Now, she is ready to shake things up in the hairdressing industry, especially in Singapore, which she calls home.

More about Katherine here.