Defining & Designing Your Success


At Salon Now, our vision is defining and designing your success. Today, my first opinion piece, I like to share a little more about why we made this our vision statement.

six years ago, I decided that my career should take a step back when I was ready to have a baby and to focus on my family. As my tummy grew more prominent day by day, so does the anxiety around the future of my career. Being a present mummy was a non-negotiable, and the same applies to my passion. To have the best of both worlds, Katherine Home Studio open it’s door three months after my daughter was born.

For the first time in my career, I experienced the freedom to decide how much time I like to spend working, choose my clients, and being there for my newborn. It was a lot of hard work, but I was more than happy to exchange it for the freedom.

As my daughter gradually gains more independence, I too gained more time for myself. That’s when I begin shifting more attention to my career. I saw the potential in my business setup and decided to stick with it instead of going back to work in a hair salon.

In 2017, I rebranded Katherine Home Studio, became more actively involved in our hairstyling community, attended classes, and put together a strategic plan for my career. As an independent business owner, one of our biggest killers is getting too complacent. When we are running our own show, no one is going to come kicking our ass and tell us what to do. We need to find the motivation to kick our ass.

Rebranding Katherine Home Studio has proven to be a success for me. This stage of my life, my definition of success is; measuring how much time I get to invest in my well-being, learning, and growth, how much time I get to spend with my daughter and watching my business growing at the pace that is consistent to the other priorities in my life.

Salon Now, my latest project has been a dream for many years. We are dedicated to building a community of passionate hairstylists to engage, educate, and elevate one another. Join us on a journey to define and design your own SUCCESS.