Digital Look-Book for Consultation

hairstylist consulting a client with a tablet


In today’s digital world, gone are the days when we have to flip through magazines during a consultation session with our clients. Most clients will pull out their smartphones to show us the hairstyle they have in mind. To keep up with how technology has changed consumer’s habits, we too have to keep up with the change.

Building a digital look-book is not rocket science, and it cost nothing except a little time and effort.

In this article, we will share 3 tips to get started and 3 additional benefits of building your very own digital look-book.

Getting Started

Step 1: Research- On your smartphone, research pictures of hairstyles and save them.

Tips- Have a variety (men’s, ladies, bob, pixie, bangs, long layer, lob, wavy, colour…) The list goes on, but you get the idea.

Step 2: Create a new photo album on your smartphone and save all the pictures there.

Tips-Personally, I like to organize my pictures accordingly to the individual categories so I know where to find what I want immediately. I will name the photo albums (Men’s hair, Pixie, bob & Lob, Long hair, colour & highlights, Perm, etc.)

Step 3: Grow and update your album

Tips-whenever you come across hairstyles that you like, or you think it might suit your clients, save them and organize them into your existing albums.

There we go! Simple as that! Now you have created your very own look book, which will be the best tool for you when consulting a client.

3 Benefits of Digital Look Book

Environmental Friendly

By now, I am sure we can all agree that global warming and climate change are real issues. We can all do our part in saving trees and protecting mother earth, by cutting down on buying magazines. Not just for ourselves but for future generations. Every little act counts!

Embracing Change

Going with change and embracing them demonstrate to our clients that we are always innovating and that will increase the sense of professionalism when we present ourselves to clients.

Staying on Top of the Game

Technology has enabled us to get updates of anything almost instantly. Once you have a digital look-book, it is so much easier and quicker for you to update them to share the latest hairstyle and trends with our clients.