E-mail Marketing- Doing It Right!

E-mail marketing

Most people wouldn’t mind receiving e-mails from businesses that they patronized before, especially so, when the information is of interest and relevant to them. A word of caution, don’t spam your clients with too many e-mails. You do not want to annoy them by flooding their inbox with endless e-mails. Below, we share three more tips for you to nail e-mail marketing.

In-Store Sign-Up

Potential clients come from everywhere. Sometimes they found you online, other times, by walking past by your window. Wherever they came from, please don’t miss this golden opportunity to connect with them.

If they are reluctant to sign up and leave their e-mail, you can assure them that there is always the option to unsubscribe. Let the clients know that your business is friendly and does not adopt the spam method of e-mail marketing. Another smart way is by offering e-receipt to get clients’ e-mail for future following-up.

Responsive E-mail Design

Interactive and attractive e-mail design is one of the critical success of e-mail marketing. Get your customer’s attention with attractive taglines and images. Don’t have technical knowledge for e-mail design? No worries, you can use MailChimp an easy drag and drop e-mails design tools.  You can easily copy and paste the HTML and CSS code of the e-mail’s design into your e-mail editor.

Ps: Please ensure you send the e-mail to yourself first to check how it will look like before sending bulk e-mails to your customers.

Offering Targeted & Relevant Specials With a Discount Code

You can think of a thousand things to do for a targeted campaign. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, International Women’s Days, and the list goes on. Be creative with your marketing. Targeting the right crowd with a proper message will give you the desired results that you wish for your business.

This article is contributed by WESS Singapore.