August 2019- Live With Mazella & Palmer X Roots Where Hair Begins (Singapore)

*LIVE* “WITH” in Singapore
An evening of sharing our Passion for our craft to YOU with wonderful lineup:
JB Mazella
Fanette Dautemer
Kenneth Tham
Alex Neo
Ken Hong
Yann Bryrie
Justin Javier Tan
Diva Ha
Izwan Noor
Kason Kiu

Organizers: JB Mazella (M&P) + Kenneth ( Roots-Where Hair Begins)
Host: Kenneth Tham + Ken Chong

JB Mazella finishing with his model
Kason Kiu with his assistant flat-ironing his model’s hair
Yann Bryrie thumbs-up for the amazing event

It was an absolutely amazing and fun night witnessing so many hairstylists gathering together for the love and passion of our craft. Everyone who participated and attended the event played a crucial part in demonstrating the saying, “Unity is strength.” As a fellow hairstylist, it is incredibly heart-warming to witness such community spirit. A massive thanks to all who make the event possible.

Watch highlights here.