Our first guest on Interview Now episode #1 is Zamm. He is a local hairstylist in Singapore, and has been in the industry for 15 years. At the moment is working in SEN, a one-stop beauty & wellness centre in the Singapore American Club. We chatted about his journey, his attitude and passion towards his craft, and why he recommends hairstyling as a career.

His hairstyling interest begins during his secondary school days where he will be chopping his schoolmate’s hair. He recalled how he went to the Bedok library. It was in the 90s, way before social media. He picked up a haircutting book, saw a layered cut, and decided he shall cut that style for his friends. Unfortunately, the layered cut he envisions turn out to be a step cut which literally looks like a flight of staircase, but that didn’t deter him from pursuing his interest. In fact, three months later, that same schoolmate requested him to give her another haircut.

He is thankful for his first job as an apprentice at Jentzen Hair Salon. They provided him with not just the opportunity to work in the hair salon, but also sent him for regular training at their academy.

Later on, he decided to join Toni&Guy, Singapore and found his hero there, Ms. Dawn Soo. Dawn’s skill and professionalism inspired him to be a technician specializing in hair coloring.

His training in Toni&Guy, allowed him to discover his specialty; colouring westerners’ hair. Today, he is very pleased with his role in The American Club, Singapore as their clientele are mainly expatriates working and living in Singapore.

  “My journey started during my secondary school days, snipping unprofessionally at my classmate’s hair.” 

“I think the generation now is very lucky..”

Zamm shared failed stories about how he almost ruin a client’s hair colour right before her wedding. An amazing hero whom he looked up to during his early days when he was working with Toni&Guy, Singapore. People who were supporting and encouraged him when he was so close to calling it quit.

In our last three random questions which are non-hair related, he thanks his mother for her unconditional love, and a funny incident where he melted his pants right in front of his client with a hairdryer between his legs.

Once again, a huge thank you to Zamm for sharing the ups and downs of his journey with us.

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