Interview Now #11 Raymond Ooi: CEO of Refine Solutions & Hon Secretary of SWAS (Spa & Wellness Association Singapore)

Raymond will be one of the invited speakers to be on the panel discussion during the IBWP Forum & 23rd APHCA Hair & Makeup Olympics(Singapore) happening on 11th and 12th October 2019.

As Hon Secretary of SWAS, Raymond’s role focus on Operational Management of SWAS which includes maintaining effective records and administration, communication and correspondence.

Refine Solution main product is WESS; a cloud-based Business Management Software for the Beauty, Spa & Salon Industry.

Starting from customer appointments and sales in the store, to customer loyalty programs and commissions of your staff at the back office, WESS help business owners manage all aspects of the business. WESS has started as a Sectoral ICT Project in 2012 for the Spa & Wellness sector in Singapore, together with IDA (Singapore) and Spa & Wellness Association Singapore (SWAS), including real beauty, spa & salon businesses that acted as the domain experts. Today, WESS is the leading business management software powering over 900 Spas & Salons in Singapore and Malaysia.

We got a chance to speak with Raymond. He will give us a glimpse of the topic that he will be focusing on during the IBWP forum; Personal Sales. As well, the role of technology in a service orientated industry; beauty, spa & salon.

Focus on Your Customers & Their Needs

Yes, this brings us back to the very core of our industry; Customer Service. To differentiate ourselves from our competitors, being an expert in our skills is only one part of the equation, Customer Service is the other crucial element.

Widen our peripheral and aim beyond the dollars & cents. Providing sincere and genuine Customer Service will eventually increase our clientele and pay-cheque.

In today’s competitive world and a small market like Singapore, establishing trust is key to a long-term successful relationship with our clients.

Technology in the Beauty Business

Automation for more productive day-to-day operations. Automation helps to free up time for beauty practitioners to focus on our core task and for business owners to operate, monitor, and scale our business.

Last but not least, with the pace of technological innovation, software and hardware are not only accessible but also affordable.

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