Interview Now #12: Sheryn Kwok Assistant at Black Hair Salon

Against the wish of her parents, Sheryn decided to enroll herself into a hairdressing course offered by the ITE (Institute of Technical Education, Singapore) four years ago. Upon graduation, Sheryn tried her hands at a few hair salons before deciding to join Black hair salon, where she is currently an Assistant and a Hairstylist in training. Sheryn shared with us her journey so far and why Black hair salon is her choice salon to pursue her hairdressing dream.

Sheryn candidly admits that confidence is something that she lacks; hence, starting her career as an Assistant is a better place for her. As well, through her internship experience, she quickly learned that to perform the role of a Hairstylist well, there is much more she needs to learn. However, her focus and determination allowed her to set goals and plans to advance her career.

After working for almost a year, Sheryn noticed that some of her goals are not realistic. She is not going where she is heading and not getting what she wants. An example she cites, even though money is an essential factor, for an Assistant to get access to training and opportunities, money cannot be the main focus. Otherwise, she will be stuck in the role of an Assistant for much longer than she likes. With that in mind, she shifts her focus to training opportunities. Very quickly, she learned that it is not easy to find a salon that offers regular in-house training for their employees. The center of most salon owners is the business and not the people.

Sheryn count herself lucky and are grateful to be a part of the Black hair salon family because they conduct regular in-house training. Her bosses (Raymond and Anthony) are very invested in their employees. She highlighted that it is scarce for our industry to have bosses who are willing to show up early and staying late to conduct training for their employees.

Sheryn set a goal for herself, to get promoted to be a Hairstylist by the end of this year.  We wish her all the best for her career and look forward to speaking to her soon.

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