Kenneth Tham, Owner of Roots-Where Hair Begins, 24 years in the industry. A self-proclaimed “Hair Enthusiast,” Kenneth is not a stranger to Singapore’s Hairdressing industry. Kenneth’s other roles include; Freelance Educator for Goldwell and Coaching for fellow hairstylists. Two years ago, he initiated A date With Roots; a platform dedicated to bringing together fellow hair enthusiasts to connect and share our expertise.

He is not shy to share that he did not grow up with a passion for hair, nor fall in love with hairstyling even though he grew up in his mother’s hair salon. He was told to help out in his mother’s salon, and he did it out of obligation and stayed on in the industry till this day because her was too lazy to go and find himself a job elsewhere.

“The generation these days are so lucky, education is so accessible.”

In my time, my mother’s method was to look and learn. “ In his mother’s own words, “See and learn. The more you see, the more you learn.”

He is very grateful to have met Mr. Nicholas Lim (Ex-General Manager of Goldwell) who taught and mentored him. The best advice that was given to him by Nicholas was, to make it a point to increase his charges every year to be in line with inflation rates.

Reasons for initiating A date With Roots stemmed from his dissatisfaction from the lack of communication within our industry and overwhelming negative talks and energy from some fellow colleagues. His vision and hope for A date with Roots is to have more salon owners adopting this engaging and sharing gathering in their hair salon. Supporters of A date with Roots include; Keith from The hair Stage, Ken Chong from M+ Salon, Ethan Pon from Starlight Salon, Ken from Golden Apple, Kenny Lim from Kenny Creative Salon just to name a few.

We discussed our views on education in our trade, licensing our trade and chasing paper qualifications; Yay or Nay?

I absolutely enjoyed Kenneth’s candidness and openness. We were able to agree on disagreeing on some of the touchy topics we discussed yet demonstrated the willingness to hear each other’s perspective. The first thought that came to me was- this is a friend to keep. Even though our friendship is merely a few weeks, I am sure this is going to be a long-standing one.

Once again, Thank you very much, Kenneth, for making time to share with us.

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