Joey Lim, owner of ICON & MOVE by Hair Visual.

Looking good and making others look good was the reason why Joey stepped into the hairstyling industry. Beginning her career as an apprentice, she fell in love with the craft and decided to invest in a hairdressing course to speed up her learning progress.

She was fortunate to found a great boss and mentor, Mr. William from Formula Cut. William saw her management and leadership skills and assisted Joey to further develop those skills by involving her heavily with managing his business.

After spending six years with William, Joey decided it is time for her to expand her experience with a hair salon of a larger scale. Shunji Mutsuo hair salon was her choice since the Japanese hair trend was the talk of the town at that time.

After a short six months with Shunji Mutsuo, she got promoted to be a salon manager. After two years as a salon manager, she was ready to be her own boss. Her thoughts were supported by Mr. Shunji Matsuo himself, and she went on to open the first franchise of Shunji Matsuo hair salon in Singapore.

“I always treat my staff as my family, of course, when they leave, the heartache is inevitable, but it is just who I am .”

“I am not interested in hiring someone who just needs a job. I am here to show them the rope to eventually have all the necessary skills to be their own boss.”

Fast forward 12 years, Joey decided to end her franchise deal and focus instead on building her own team and brand.

Joey shared the highs and lows of going independent, with staff management as her primary source of stress. Staff from different generations posed different challenges for her, and this is a real test on her management skill.

We discussed how technology had killed face-to-face interaction, resulting in weak communication and interpersonal skills from some of her younger staff.

In our final three non-hairstyling related questions, she used this opportunity to thank Mr. William for being such a fantastic mentor to her.

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us.

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