Richard is the proud owner of The Loook Salon. He is one of the rare few Singaporean in the industry and have been in the industry for 11 years.

When I stumbled upon The Loook Salon Instagram account, I was really impressed by the quality of their pictures, aesthetic, layout, consistency, and of course, the high standard of their work.

I decided to get in touch with Richard and invited him to come onto our show to spill some of his secrets. Without much hesitation, Richard agreed readily. He was absolutely generous and openly shared with us some of his tips to a great Instagram account for hair salon business. As well, how his investment on their Instagram account has helped with the growth of his business. Below are some of Richard’s tips:

Reaching Out to Real & Ordinary Folks On Instagram

Instead of joining the crowd of sponsoring hair services for main-stream and micro-influencers, Richard adopted the method of reaching out to real people on Instagram. This allowed him and his team to create the kind of hairstyles and hair colours which most clients are generally not inclined to try out. Other than creating more varieties of hairstyles and content for his Instagram account, this effort has translated around 30% of these models to be their new paying clients.

Strike A Balance Between Showcasing Your Work & Sharing Promotions

Minimize selling but maximize sharing instead of throwing out promotions and packages. Richard prefers to focus on sharing their specialties, expertise, and craft. They do share prices and promotions because nothing can be more annoying for clients when they like a service but do not have information about the price point. However, getting the balance right is vital.

Communicating & Consulting Starts Before A Client Walk Through Your Door

More than just a portfolio and sharing information, Instagram is a very powerful and most crucially a free tool to engage and communicate with our future and current clients. Instagram is THE place where people start their hair salon shopping. THE place where the consultation with a new client begins and last but not least, THE place where you stay engaged with your existing clients.

Watch the full interview to learn more about Richard’s tips.

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