Interview Now #8: Danson Chea Partner at 99 Percent Hair Studio

Trained and begin his hairstyling career in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With diligence and the determination to succeed, Danson saw himself achieving stability as a hairstylist in a short few years. So, he decided to challenge himself further by establishing his hairstyling career in Singapore.

Danson shared some of the challenges he faced as a foreigner during his initial job hunting process in Singapore. He interviewed and tried out a few hair salons but felt something was lacking, so he kept looking. With a stroke of luck, Danson finally landed himself a role with Kimage hair salon where he saw himself rising through the ranks rapidly. He is very grateful for the learning and opportunities which were presented to him during his tenure.

Fast forward a few years, through recommendation from his wife, Danson got acquainted with Jaron Lu; his business partner at 99 Percent Hair studio. Currently, 99 Percent Studio has three branches islandwide and another sister brand; Be Salon by 99 Percent. We got Danson to come to our studio to spill some of their secrets to managing a successful hair salon in today’s society.

Do What Our Competitors Are Not Doing

Thinking from the position of others is crucial for us to understand what are their needs and wants. The fact that we have all been in the shoe of an employee, we very well understand the mindset of being one. With that understanding, We offered many attractive benefits to our employees, such as additional Off-days, Birthday Leave, and birthday parties, to name a few.

Providing Direction & Dough

The most important thing any employer can do for our employees is laying out to our employees the pathway for career advancement and assisting them in that direction. Any employees who have the ambition to be a boss are always welcome to discuss a partnership with us, and we can work towards that goal together.

“The reality is, without money and the means to survive, everything else is secondary.”

All-Rounded Education

I can’t stress enough the importance of life-long learning. For employees below two years, we have in place in-house training and training provided by our professional product partners. More than upgrading our skills as a hairstylist, other essential skills are Communication, Leadership, Business, and many more. We do our best to provide opportunities to expose our employees to such training and development.

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