Mr Vidal Sassoon- On How to Be Successful

Vidal Sassoon Autobiography
Young Vidal working on his celebrity models from Vidal Sassoon Autobiography

Vidal Sassoon; a man who needs no introduction. Apart from transforming the way we view and cut hair, he also gave some excellent advice about success.

One of my favourite daily routines is walking my dog and listening to hair related Podcasts. A few weeks ago, I was onto Episode #56 of Hairbrained Podcast, Gordon Millier’s conversation with Mark Hayes, who is the international Creative Director of Sassoon.

Hairbrained Podcast With Mark Hayes; International Creative Director at Sassoon
Hairbrained Podcast With Mark Hayes; International Creative Director at Sassoon

Mark was sharing some golden words of advice from Vidal. For Vidal, the few keys to becoming successful are these three things; Passion, Curiosity, and Serving.


What does passion mean to you? What are you passionate about? Have you found your passion? For me, passion is having the burning desire to do something. Some friends cannot understand why I miss cutting hair by the 3rd day of our holiday. It is not about allowing my career to define my identity. It is about my passion for the craft.

They then went on to say, “Oh, lucky you, you found your passion.”

Yes! I agree and am incredibly grateful, but what’s little known is the fact that hair styling is something I sort of accidentally stumbled upon. We often hear people talking about finding a passion, but what’s rarely discussed is making something into our passion. Find something that we like it enough and start clocking in our 10 thousand hours to mastery.


The best way to observe curiosity is by looking at an eight months old infant. We all have it in us, but unfortunately, our environment is very good at making us self-conscious at every level; thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. We got so busy with making money and accumulating them that we tend to forget that we are all born explorers.

I kept the explorer in me alive by learning at least one new thing a day, upgrading my skills at least once a year and travelling as often as I can.

Learning one new thing a day can be as simple as learning new vocabulary, listening to a podcast, reading a book and the list goes on. Once I got into the habit and routine, it becomes an essential part of my life. Like when we are hungry, we feed ourselves. When my brain is hungry for more knowledge, I feed it by learning.


We are all born to serve. It’s a cliché, but the reason it’s a cliché is because it is true. I look at serving in a few different ways.

We are serving ourselves, serving a purpose, and serving all the people in our life who meant something to us. Serving is not about being a servant or a slave. The irony is, if we can’t find things in our life to serve meaningfully, we will end up being the biggest slave to the brutality of life itself.

Many times I struggled with trying to balance my energy and time to serve, and the most neglected area is always myself. I am sure many of us; especially mothers can relate to this. So if you are reading this, please don’t neglect self-love. If we don’t love ourselves, we got no love to give. “Self-love ain’t selfish” is my daily mantra.

Thanks for reading.